Bridging the gap between intellectual properties and their successful commercialization worldwide.

The Central Commercialization Agency is an independently operated umbrella organization for even the smallest size universities to be able to achieve technology transfer goals more rapidly and successfully.

Time Left Until Launching
2017 year 10 month 10 day

About Us.

We are entrepreneurial business development professionals with a passion for catalyzing the successful technology transfer prospects of all universities regardless of their size, ranking or resources to achieve their commercialization goals.

Our Vision.

A world in which every single intellectual property gets quickly commercialized to drive a new era of innovation, development, and growth.

Our Objective.

Enable even the smallest college patent portfolios pursue the technology transfer opportunities more efficiently by achieving the economies of scale.

Our Process.

We actively promote the intellectual assets from our partnering universities to complementary industry partners internationally. Our proprietary assessment process and industry agnostic focus lets us creatively surface many new business opportunities, and alternative market verticals beyond what anyone else imagined initially.

Our Approach.

For each invention, we consider new product use-cases, evaluate various business model options, identify unforeseen synergies, and deliver a highly crafted opportunity pitch to every new business prospect. Since our fees are depended on the successful monetization of intellectual assets, so is our interest in higher performances.

Contact Us.

If you would like to partner with us on any front, please get in touch, and we will be very happy to explore what more we can do together with you.


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New York, NY 10004

Phone Numbers.

Phone: (707) 797 7337
Mobile: (678) 860 8870